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Once again, I loved this experience. Best thing that happened to me in years. Thank you for facilitating.
Judith Kitzes, Multi Opal Award Winning Travel Agent, Hollywood USA

Thank you for the marvelous time we had with you in July 2003. Kakadu and the Never Never are special places. We have had lots of guides in our travels and have never enjoyed the company or knowledge of any of them as much as we did yours. Your ability to tell us how the indigenous people think, act, and feel was almost like having the experience of living with them ourselves. Thank you for a great trip.
Linda, Wes and Gwen USA

Thanks for memories to last a lifetime. I am not sure if I properly thanked you for truly a one of a kind experience. 
Sunnie Rossi – Independent Travel Consultant

Thank you for an amazing, amazing trip! 
Barb, USA

Please know that for us, you were THE one and THE trip which is not to be forgotten. (Except for the bad jokes, which deserve to be forgotten). This compliment is not only about the experiences you gave us, but also about the type of person that you are.
Sellers and Subocz family, USA

We really enjoyed spending the few days with you, although the time went by way too quickly. We sincerely thank you again for everything you did for us. Take care and stay in touch from time to time. 
Roz, Steve and Susan, Canada

Kind words from our guests


Penny & Andy Siegel, United kingdom

The experiences we shared with you in Darwin are among the most special of our trip to Australia. Best wishes on your journey in protecting Never Never Land from the masses.

Rob, conde naste photographer

Brad and I had a blast hanging out with you. Thank you so much for the good times and the great crocs. The film is stunning. We had an amazing trip and wonderful pictures. Let’s keep in touch.

paul taylor, australia

Thanks for making the trip a true beauty mate–one for the books all round. I returned and hit the ground running. Cheers Mike 

cal & terry, usa

We cant thank you enough for the great experience. You not only took us to beautiful spots but helped us understand a culture we knew nothing about

Your feedback means the world to us

Visiting the rock art sites and learning the dream time stories by a true keeper of the stories was a privilege. Being allowed to visit swimming spots that most people don’t know about was very special to me. These spots were uncrowded pieces of heaven here on planet earth. At one point, the comment was made that this tour cannot be canned; and indeed it can’t. Only the human connection can convey this trip. It was not sanitized nor commercialized; this was real Australia. I find more and more my clients want to not look at the picture, they want to be the person in the picture experiencing the adventure. That was this experience. 
Lynda Wojt USA Award Winning Aussie Travel Specialist

Over the past ten years, I have participated in a number of high quality Aboriginal tourism experiences in Australia, from Cape Leveque to Cape York, from Arnhem Land to the Flinders Ranges. Since I specialize in Aboriginal tourism, I need to experience these products personally so I can match the client to the experience. It was a great honor to be able to participate in this trip with Mike Keighley of Far Out Adventures, for the filming of Bill Harney. Mike Keighley is a truly remarkable tour guide. He keenly senses what each client needs, and then leads them into the experience. I have participated in many camping experiences in Australia, some guides are so focused on their personal area of expertise, that they do not realize the traveler’s expectations. This was an exceptional trip –I came from it knowing that I can book clients with Mike and they will be well cared for. 
Karolyn Wrightson USA Aussie Travel Specialist