How much do tours cost?

It is worth pointing out that we are not budget tour operators.

We are specialists in operating tailor made Private Tours into remote outback areas using highly qualified guides. Our focus is on quality – not quantity.

Obviously the cost will vary with inclusions, number of people involved and logistics.

We work on producing ‘experiences’ not just tours – and it costs us to do this.

Some of the places we go to are not accessible to other operators – or are off the mainstream tourist routes. Each trip is different as we design it to suit the weather , animal migratory habits and other seasonal factors. Our time spent in advance planning means your trip will be seamless with minimum time wasted.

We are happy to provide estimates for itineraries, then you can see if it is in your ball park before we go forward with the finer details.

If you decide to go ahead, we then produce a detailed itinerary and cost. Once you agree to the final itinerary we ask for a deposit to lock the dates in.

We then get to work with booking the details of your itinerary – eg accommodation, boat cruises, aircraft etc. So – email us with your plans and we’ll get back with some ideas and costings!