G’day Travellers,

They say the beaten track is travelled by the beaten traveller – well its good to know there are still a lot of unbeaten tracks AND travellers out there.

The past twelve months have been as eventful as always – with expedition work driving zodiacs whilst onboard the good ship Orion in the Kimberley , to rock art trips with Bill Harney in the Northern Territory to numerous safaris into Kakadu and down into Never Never country.

I am very happy to let you all know that our ‘Never Never Bush Rangers’ program has gone into operation thanks to kind donations from individuals who have been on our tour into Never Never country.

We are now able to spend a week each month with the Aboriginal children in the outback village of Jilkminggan – training and mentoring them with careers as tour guides.

The elders of the tribe are happy to see the youth with some employment paths for the future – and we welcome our past travellers to come and see what’s happening.

The book I have co-written with Tom Huth from Conde Nast – TALES OF AN OUTBACK GUIDE – should be in print in the USA within the next 6 months so that should be a laugh – and some of you will get a mention – all positive I guarantee!

Anyway, that’s it for now

Oorrooo from Down Under.

Mick K