G’day Travelers,

Glad you can take a look at what’s going in our neck of the woods.

In the past 12 months I have taken people to every corner of Australia — from the bottom of Tasmania to Talbot Bay – far up north in the Kimberley region. We have done a wildlife documentary in the Northern Territory, a rock art tour out of Cairns, an American college trip into the outback – a superb journey from Sydney to Darwin via the Nullarbor Plain, Perth and Broome – and of course numerous trips into Kakadu and the Top End region.

It’s such a beaut big country!! We have had some interesting weather patterns – and some of my guests have seen the dynamic Wet Season at it’s very best.

In January I worked with a Russian film crew doing a wildlife program with Dr Nikolai Drosdov. We went from Darwin to Kakadu then down to Alice Springs in a convoy of 4 vehicles. The program is called the ‘World of Animals ‘ and will be seen by an audience of 2 – 300 million viewers can you believe. I might even get famous in Russia! Not too sure about wearing a cossack hat though.

For the rest of 2006 I will be doing some trips into Kakadu, the Kimberley and Aboriginal lands, then joining the Expedition Team on the Orion exploring the Kimberley coastline for a few weeks and later in the year I will be boarding the Ghan in Sydney and taking a group all the way to Darwin then out to Never Never land.

In June we are heading out with Bill Harney to visit his ancestral homelands and do some filming – we have a great group all excited about that trip. Most of the trips for this year are booked out – however –you are welcome to join the Orion cruise or the Ghan trip subject to availailability. There are still two spaces left on our Bill Harney trip. Let me know and I can forward you some details.

You may also want to check our ‘tour’ website www.faroutadventures.blogspot.com as it is uploaded regularly with information and photos – and comments can be left there.

Next January we have a heli- safari of North Queensland to do — and already some bookings for July and August 2007.

As we move through 2006 we are getting closer to a New World order – where the ‘meek will inherit the earth’ and the wildlife of this beautiful little blue planet will be able to live freely with mankind.

All I can say about that friends is – don’t put your trust in governments – look to the Creator as He has a marvellous plan for the earth that I am learning more about each day —

Be well 
Mike Keighley