Hi Travellers,

As I write we are enjoying a great Wet Season in Northern Australia!

In fact, Darwin has recorded some of the ‘coldest’ temperatures for an Australian capital city. Day temperatures are around 28 degreees Celsius – whilst 4000 klms south Sydney has been sweltering in temps up to 40 degrees.

It’s very green and lush – all our waterfalls are running and the wildlife is ecstatic. 2017 will be a great year to visit the Top End. We have some private charters booked this year with guests from New York, Sydney and elsewhere. It’s obvious that people from the big cities yearn to get out into wilderness and catch up with the natural world…

We also have a number of educational safaris booked with parents and children. It’s nice to see the city children mixing with the Aboriginal kids in remote areas. A real ‘cross culture’ experience – both learning from each other.

I am sure 2017 is just one year closer to the world being at peace again.

Then, that’s another story…….

Boh boh