G’day Y’all,

(That’s my take on an Aussie/American greeting)

Well, a bit of water has passed under the bridge since last newsletter (and a bit of floodwater has gone over as well.)

First of importance – I became a grandfather to Erin Savannah! Jasmine (eldest daughter) delivered the little tacker in Darwin and she’s turning out to be a little bushie. She calls me Jabudj – Aboriginal for grandfather.

2010 is developing into an interesting year – with trips planned into the Kimberley and Bungle Bungles, Kakadu and Never Never already on the books. Looks like I will be doing some eco training as well – passing on some collected knowledge to budding students.

Recent trips have taken me to some iconic Australian locations.

Early in 2009 Barb and Betsy from New York and Florida asked me to take them to meet the Never Never people – and to camp out with Bill Harney.

They had such a hoot of a time.! Two gals from the US of A camping out by a stream and sleeping under the stars. Barb then asked if I could design a memorable trip for her and husband David’s upcoming 40th wedding anniversary.

So, a few months later , my mate Rick and I picked David and Barb up from Hamilton Island airport and sailed for 4 days thru the Whitsundays. It was pretty special, the plane landed right next to where Rick had the yacht waiting – so it was off the plane , into our little tender with the luggage – and straight onto the yacht – a 38 foot luxury catamaran! Nibbles and cocktails waiting. Rick and I shared the work – cooking and sailing. Weather was perfect and the beaches and snorkelling – idyllic.

A few months later Barb asked me to take her daughter and her best friend on a walkabout.

So – this time it’s pickup in Byron Bay – and up to Lamington National Park, then north to the Sunshine Coast – to campout with Aboriginal mate Kurun and his family.

A fine time had by all!!

Repeat family trips are proving popular – Ron and Dianne are coming back for a second trip this April after two years. I just finished a 4 day wildlife photo shoot with Leslie Chan – and Leslie is coming back in a few months to look for more critters to photograph as well.

Maybe I’ll find him a Tasmanian Tiger.

Have a few corporate incentive trips on the books this year – these are great trips to help busy city people to chill out.

My book is finished – co writer Tom Huth from Conde Nast magazine is looking for a publisher.

Keep an eye on the book shops — it will be titled ‘Why Kangaroos Go Boing Boing’ – and if you want to know why — I’ll email you a chapter from the book as a teaser.

Am planning a trip in July’August for past guests to come together (and maybe a few new ones)

I want to pull together some of the people who have joined our trips over the past 15 years – as guides, cooks, mentors and travellers to meet together in the Never Never and Lightning Brothers country. We will have Aboriginal legend Bill Harney welcome us to his country – and Auntie Sheila and her children in the Never Never.

It would be good to all catch up around the campfire. Email me if you want to know more.

Well , that’s about it for now….

May you always have an extra log on your campfire for a visitor.