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When considering a trip to the remote Top End of Australia you will want to know ‘when is the best time to come?’ – and for many this is based on weather conditions.

The Top End of Australia has unique weather patterns – generally speaking from May to October (the Dry) the days are sunny and warm and rain is seldom seen. The nights cool down a little and most visitors come in this period – July/August being exceptionally busy.

From October to April the weather is hotter, more humid and around January to March the awesome Wet Season dominates. For some – this is the best time to come – for others – too hot, unpredictable and uncomfortable.

From my point of view – after guiding and exploring through every month of the year for over 15 years – I think ANYTIME you come you will find something fascinating to experience.

Here’s some examples: If you like birdwatching – then later in the year (September on ) many birds congregate at waterholes as the ground dries up. If you want to see crocodiles during the day – then the middle of the year when its cooler – the crocs come out of the water to get some sunshine.

Like camping out under the stars? Then April to September are a good time due to cooler nights and no rain. Want to see dynamic lightning storms? Waterfalls at their best? Not too many people about? Then come during the Wet Season.

So – when to come?

If you have an experienced guide who knows all the subtle changes in the animals and landscapes you can come anytime. I never do any trip the same way – as things are constantly changing I like to flow with the seasons…. Yes seasons – the Aboriginal people define six distinct seasons in the calendar year and knowing the differences makes for a memorable trip.

If on the other hand you are worried a little about comfort (especially if you have children or are not used to hot weather ) then come from May to Septemeber – the Dry Season.

Whatever you decide --- do decide to COME !! and see some of the amazing landscapes, wildlife and ancient culture of Australia’s Top End.




Northern Territory

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