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Great Ocean Road from helicopter
Mike's Lightning Ridge find
Undara - Opera In The Outback
Divas Downunder

November 2004

G’day Travelers,

Well it’s been a while since our last newsletter and a fair bit of water has passed under the bridge.

Firstly, I am pleased to announce that FAR OUT ADVENTURES celebrates 10 years of operation this month and I want to thank all who have travelled with me for helping us get there.

OK – so where have we been in the past 12 months?

Well I had a memorable trip with a guest travelling from Darwin down to Alice Springs then Coober Pedy , Oodnadatta Track , Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges , the Great Ocean Road then on to Sydney – half way around Australia - so much open space and some great outback pubs and guesthouses for accommodation.

Soon after that I took another group from Sydney back up towards Darwin via the outback of Queensland including the opal fields at Lightning Ridge where – can you believe it – I took my people fossicking and I found a black opal now valued at over $10,000. I had it cut and put into a setting - I’ll attach a picture of it .

The ‘Ridge’ as it’s known is one of Australia’s best kept secrets – a place that has more characters than a Walt Disney movie – and embodies the pioneering , multicultural spirit of Australia.

The dinosaur stampede footprints at Lark Quarry in Queensland were another highlight of that trip – the only place in the world where you can see the actual footprints of little dinosaurs running across what was once a mud bed – apparently the producers of the Jurassic Park movie based their sequences on this site.

Oh, and I must mention the outback opera I took clients too at Undara in Nth Qld – what a setting it was under the stars with kangaroos running past behind the stage!

The Divas Downunder tour was another classic adventure – and perhaps a movie could be based on it.

Imagine taking 7 award winning female USA Travel Agents on an expedition to film the amazing rock art of the Wardaman people in remote areas of the Northern Territory – and these girls previous camping experiences amounted to a week at the Holiday Inn – 5 star – so were they in for some surprises bathing in clear streams, sleeping under the stars and having my team pamper them with gourmet cooking and chocolates on their pillows – all in the middle of nowhere! Legendary Aboriginal Elder Bill Harney joined our tour and his story telling, singing and bush skills delighted everybody as we filmed Bill, his art sites and the dramatic landscapes of the Victoria River country.

Fact is they are all booked to come back next year !

Range Rover Australia commissioned us to lead 12 brand new ‘Rangies’ outbush in the NT on a camp out and it was a chance to meet up with Aussie bush Tucker man Les Hiddins.

Then their was a dusty trip across the Tanami Desert in the NT with two guests from Zurich – and a number of trips into Kakadu and the Kimberley and of course my favourite Never Never land with some top overseas families.

Tanami DesertRange Rover AustraliaConde Naste Documentary Filming

To finish off I must mention the journey I did with Tom Huth from Conde Naste Travel magazine in New York – we retraced the steps of the explorer Stuart – the first explorer to traverse Australia from South to North. This found Tom and I wading through croc riddled jungles and swamps on the Mary River delta in the Northern Territory to try to get to the ocean. We used a chopper, a quad bike, a 4 x 4 – and even a train (the Ghan) to do the story.

Tom and Tom amd Mike - explorers!
Anyway we survived and Conde Naste magazine are doing an article along with photos - should be out in the next few months .

That’s about it from me – please feel free to email me on if you have any stories you want to share - and remember that if you ever want to get away from the 21st century for a while - give me a call !

PS. I now have what must be the worlds smallest computer thingy – it fits into the palm of my hand, I have absolutely no idea how it work but it receives all my emails from just about anywhere without any wires – so try me and see how Far Out you can contact me!




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