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May 2006

G’day Travelers,

Glad you can take a look at what's going in our neck of the woods.

In the past 12 months I have taken people to every corner of Australia -- from the bottom of Tasmania to Talbot Bay - far up north in the Kimberley region. We have done a wildlife documentary in the Northern Territory, a rock art tour out of Cairns, an American college trip into the outback - a superb journey from Sydney to Darwin via the Nullarbor Plain, Perth and Broome - and of course numerous trips into Kakadu and the Top End region.

It's such a beaut big country!! We have had some interesting weather patterns - and some of my guests have seen the dynamic Wet Season at it's very best.

In January I worked with a Russian film crew doing a wildlife program with Dr Nikolai Drosdov. We went from Darwin to Kakadu then down to Alice Springs in a convoy of 4 vehicles. The program is called the 'World of Animals ' and will be seen by an audience of 2 - 300 million viewers can you believe. I might even get famous in Russia! Not too sure about wearing a cossack hat though.

For the rest of 2006 I will be doing some trips into Kakadu, the Kimberley and Aboriginal lands, then joining the Expedition Team on the Orion exploring the Kimberley coastline for a few weeks and later in the year I will be boarding the Ghan in Sydney and taking a group all the way to Darwin then out to Never Never land.

In June we are heading out with Bill Harney to visit his ancestral homelands and do some filming - we have a great group all excited about that trip. Most of the trips for this year are booked out - however --you are welcome to join the Orion cruise or the Ghan trip subject to availailability. There are still two spaces left on our Bill Harney trip. Let me know and I can forward you some details.

You may also want to check our 'tour' website as it is uploaded regularly with information and photos - and comments can be left there.

Next January we have a heli- safari of North Queensland to do -- and already some bookings for July and August 2007.

As we move through 2006 we are getting closer to a New World order - where the 'meek will inherit the earth' and the wildlife of this beautiful little blue planet will be able to live freely with mankind.

All I can say about that friends is - don't put your trust in governments - look to the Creator as He has a marvellous plan for the earth that I am learning more about each day --

Be well
Mike Keighley


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