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May 2003.

G’day Travelers,

I admit it has been some time since last newsletter.

Times seems to stand still in the remote Northern areas of Australia – it’s only when I get back to big cities like Sydney that I am aware of the fast pace most people live at.

Some weeks ago I was driving across the Harbour Bridge into Sydney and was mesmerised by the traffic and purposeful look in the drivers eyes – all rushing to go somewhere important I guess.

I bet you didn’t know that Australia is one of the most urbanised countries on earth? Yep, 90% of our population live in cities and the rest have not moved far from the site of First Settlement – Sydney – so we are congregated up and down the East Coast in large numbers, and then some in Adelaide and Perth.

Very, very few live in the ‘Outback’ and most of my clients from overseas get to see more of OZ than the locals!

So you thought all Ozzies were croc wrestling, snake wrangling, spider catching White Pointer jockeys? FAR from it – they are a rare breed indeed! (and slightly loopy) – or maybe slightly normal?

Fact is a trip into the ‘real’ outback is somewhat a therapy for some of my city clients – takes them a while to adjust – bit like an umbilical cord ties em back to the city – but we nurse them off it and they are fine!

A recent trip took me into the remote Kimberley with a Stu and Teresa from London – we used a small plane and a chopper to travel what is considered the most uninhabited area of Earth – and in the awesome Wet Season. We used remote FARAWAY BAY as a base and returned each night to some gourmet meals prepared by our fine hosts.

I happened to be in Margaret River the week before and brought some superb Aussie wines along.

Here's a few piccys:

Northern AustraliaStu + Teresa from London at  top of WAThe gang - fishings over
Top of OZ in the KimberlyYou can leave your hat on

Next month I am off with clients on a 10 day Arnhemland expedition – pretty wild out there and soooooo remote! I am looking forward immensely to that one.

Let me know if anybody wants to see some piccys when I return.

If anyone would like the email addresses of past guests let me know and I will forward them to you - many have happily agreed to talk about their experiences with those planning a Far Out Adventure.

Well folks, better get back out bush –

Regards to past clients, friends and fellow Mavericks – and to those who have not yet been on one of my FAR OUT ADVENTURES – well, I look forward to meeting you on the track sometime.

Oorroo for now,

Mike Keighley


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